Aetna Sees Trouble on Senate Floor

News broke that Aetna was possibly seeking to drop coverage on a large number of people, resulting in an estimated 650,000 without insurance. The private insurer plans to make a better bottom line by raising rates, potentially making it too expensive for up to 650,000 currently insured under their policies.

Harry Reid Disapproves of Aetna

Senate majority leader Harry Reid (Nevada) was among the loudest protester to this rate increase. He states:

“This health care company is going to make a healthy profit again this year. But its executives decided the profit they’re making isn’t quite big enough. So this multibillion-dollar company found a clever way to make sure next year’s bottom line is even bigger: it’s raising its rates.”

“As you might expect, those higher premiums are going to be too expensive for many. How many? It could be as many as 650,000 people.”