History of Aflac Insurance

Most people know Aflac Insurance for its memorable advertising campaign, which features an insistent duck trying to make his voice heard when people are discussing their health and life insurance needs. In truth, Aflac Insurance predates the advertising campaign by many years.

Aflac Insurance, which operates in the United States and Japan, was founded in 1955 by the brothers John, Paul and Bill Amos. Within a year their Columbus, Georgia-based company had almost 6,500 policy holders. Formally known as the American Family Life Assurance Company, Aflac Insurance soon began to grow rapidly. By the end of 2008, Aflac Insurance had over $79 billion in assets and insured over 40 million people. In 1990, the company formally changed its name to Aflac.

Aflac Offerings

Aflac focuses on supplemental health insurance policies. Some of these policies are short-term disability insurance, whole life insurance, dental insurance, long-term care insurance, hospital intensive care insurance, vision insurance, accident insurance, term life insurance, whole life insurance, Medicare supplemental insurance, and many other kinds of health insurance and life insurance policies. Aflac has also become one of the biggest insurance providers in Japan.

Aflac Insurance focuses on what’s known as payroll deduction coverage. This kind of insurance pays out cash benefits to policyholders when they have an accident or need treatment for an illness.

Aflac Duck

A major event in Aflac’s history was the debut of the “Aflac Duck.” This well-known advertising mascot quickly became a recognized figure on television, and raised the company’s profile significantly. It has become so identified with the company that it has been incorporated into its logo.

Aflac Insurance is now one of America’s leading insurance providers. If you’re looking for affordable insurance rates for the kind of coverage that Aflac Insurance offers, you would be smart to check out and evaluate all that the company has to offer. You might find the deal you’ve been looking for.