More Customers Purchasing Auto Insurance Online According to Allstate

More and more drivers are turning to the internet to purchase auto insurance, a move that has prompted larger insurance companies to revise their strategies. It’s an ever-increasing trend for anything that can be purchased locally or online – more people are turning to the internet to purchase.

Going Online

Insurance companies are no different from any other business that sells a product locally. Companies like Allstate rely on neighborhood insurance salesman to draw on local business, but now the internet has opened up more opportunities. According to Thomas J. Wilson, chief executive of Allstate Corp, half of all new auto insurance customers make first contact through the company’s website.

Allstate Company Focus

Allstate plans to focus more on a few local agents with great local presence, and to work on providing a consistent experience for users across all Allstate channels including local companies and websites. The goal is to create fewer but larger agencies with a similar theme. Wilson maintains that agents are still vital in that they can often increase business for the company by offering better packages for multiple insured vehicles and other products, such as life insurance.