12 Month Auto Insurance Policies

12 month auto insurance

Anyone who owns and operates a vehicle knows that having a minimum level of auto insurance is generally a law mandated by their home state. Auto insurance is a necessary expense to fit into one’s budget if you are aiming to follow the law and being mindful of your financial security and that of other people. When it comes to auto insurance, it is possible to findpolicy terms for 3, 6 or even 12 months of car insurance coverage. And generally, 12 month auto insurance is the most popular choice.12 month auto insurance is considered a type of monthly insurance plan. Policyholders can choose to make monthly installment payments in order to keep the plan active. Typically, the payment schedule is a done on a 30-day installment plan.

By selecting a 12 month auto insurance policy, the insured is contracting the rate of coverage for a full year. Once contracted the insurer cannot just raise the cost of the premium, that can only happen at the annual renewal date. Additional perks to a 12 month auto insurance policy is that your driving record is only reviewed once a year so even if something happens that leaves a blemish on your record, you will not be financially penalized until your policy is renewed.

Finally with a 1 year auto insurance policy, those operating on a tight budget may find it easier to manage the payments of an annual plan. Since the expenses are fixed for a longer period of time, an automatic bill paying system makes managing 12 month auto insurance easy to do.