5 Most Creative and Surprising Auto Insurance Advertisements

The subject of auto insurance doesn’t exactly bring to mind the word “creativity,” but maybe that’s why the advertisements below are so effective. After all, the way in which the average consumer is bombarded with product endorsements and promotions every day makes it increasingly difficult for individual companies to stand out among the competition.

The following five ads certainly stand out, however. From totally innovative to just plain hilarious, these car insurance advertisements go beyond just getting a potential customer’s attention–we can appreciate the artistry and imagination that went into creating them. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that some of these companies’ auto insurance rates aren’t bad either.

#1 Allstate


What better way to convince a driver they need auto insurance than by placing thoughts of their own car in jeopardy into their mind? Allstate went beyond the typical billboard and actually teetered a car over the edge of Chicago’s Marina Towers parking lot to make their point. Image Source

#2 Nationwide


This advertisement picks up where the previous one leaves off. Nationwide went so far as to create a fictitious paint company (Coop’s Paints) and construct a scene that rivals a Hollywood movie set, in which paint from the picture above actually spills out onto the cars and street below. Image Source

#3 Nationwide…Again


Another cutting-edge segment of Nationwide’s “Life Comes at You Fast” campaign, this ad no doubt makes anyone passing by look twice. They turn an average shopping mall staircase into the illusion a car is racing over the top of a steep incline, ready to descend upon onlookers in mere seconds. Image Source

#4 Nissan Auto Insurance


Nissan Auto Insurance recently won the Gold Outdoor Lion award at the 2010 Cannes International Advertising Festival for the “In Case Of” campaign. The above ad, “Pole,” is actually one of a three part series that likely garners acclaim due to its combination of beauty and simplicity. Check out “Cow” and “Hydrant” for the full story.

#5 1st for Women


This isn’t the first time 1st for Women has produced a one of a kind advertisement worth mentioning. This women-only insurance company has stood out in the auto insurance scene by producing consistently humorous commercials and print ads that demonstrate why there’s a need to separate the girls from the boys. Image Source