8 iPhone and Android Car Insurance Apps That Can Save You Money

A lot of auto insurance companies are making it possible for customers to take advantage of cool new iPhone apps and additional smart phone apps. Whether you’re checking auto insurance rates, getting defensive driving lessons or submitting a claim, being a safe driver and managing your auto insurance has never been easier.

If you have an iPhone or other smart phone, now’s your chance to learn about the many apps that are available to you. Here is a quick rundown of the car insurance apps available to you.

State Farm Steer Clear iPhone App

The Steer Clear iPhone App from State Farm Insurance was recently launched by the insurer to help drivers up to the age of 25 improve their driving skills. In order to use the app properly, the driver must complete assignments like locating vehicle controls, including hazard lights, and making sure to slow down at yellow lights.

If the assignments on this State Farm iPhone app are completed, the driver becomes eligible for auto insurance discounts and also has the benefit of knowing they’re a safe driver.

Help I Crashed My Car

The Help I Crashed My Car Blackberry cell phone app allows you to contact your car insurance company, a body shop and up to 3 family members if you’ve been in an accident. This is very useful if you’ve been injured as well because this free Blackberry app links up with your phone’s GPS system to help you find police, hospitals and rental facilities in the area that you’ve had the accident.

Nationwide Insurance Cartopia

In Dec. 2009, Nationwide Insurance introduced a new free iPhone application called Cartopia that offers a number of features for options for car buyers and prospective Nationwide customers. By just entering a vehicle’s VIN, you can get a free AutoCheck vehicle history score from Experian Automotive. Also, you are able to check a car’s trade-in value, retail and dealer invoice pricing, estimated monthly payments and loan rates. And if you want to check the cost for insurance, you could receive free quotes from Nationwide insurance.


We all know that drinking and driving is a very dangerous habit and should never be practiced. Not only does it threaten the safety of everyone on the road, it could increase your auto insurance rates. This is why the R-U-Buzzed iPhone app was released.

By entering your weight and what you drank into the application, you will receive a fairly-accurate estimate of your blood-alcohol content and a recommendation of whether or not you should drive.

Geico Glove Box

Geico Auto Insurance offers an iPhone app called the Geico Glove Box. It offers a lot of great features to Geico customers, including offering account access and claims assistance. Also, you can take advantage of videos, how-tos and roadside assistance.

Hartford Mobile iPhone App

Hartford Financial Services Group recently released its own free iPhone app, known as Hartford Mobile for its customers. The application offers a lot of great features, including offering access to an auto accident checklist, help with submitting a claim, an interactive Emergency Kit Checklist, auto repair facilities, accident history, replacement vehicle information and a glass repair database.

ACP Interactive Blackberry App

If you own a Blackberry and find yourself in a car accident, you could quickly and effectively submit a car accident claim – if you have the InsPost Auto Claims Reporting App. The app was launched in 2009 by California-based ACP Interactive and allows customers to instantly start the claims process that will be sent to your specific auto insurer.

Since most Blackberry phones have cameras, you can take pictures of the accident to help enhance the process. To take advantage of this useful car claim option, now’s the time to get your free app.

Progressive’s iPhone and Android Apps and New Mobile Site

In an effort to ensure that its customers have the best mobile car insurance experience possible, Progressive Insurance not only offers new phone apps for iPhone and Android, but also introduced a new mobile site to make sure its apps are used with ease.

Some benefits of the new apps and site include seeing crash test results and recall notices, comparing costs of insuring different cars, finding agents’ offices on an interactive map, requesting a quote, making payments, retrieving a copy of your insurance ID card, receiving mobile alerts and making Progressive insurance claims via their apps.

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of great new mobile phone apps to take advantage of, so if you own an iPhone or other mobile device, it’s time to see what types of apps could improve your auto insurance experience.

And if you don’t have phones that are compatible with the cell phone apps, you could quickly and easily search for affordable auto insurance quotes with Go Insurance Rates.