All-Time Best Auto Insurance Commercials

Auto insurance commercials are prime ways for companies to draw attention to their brand and lure in some interested customers. However, because there are so many out there, its often important for companies to be more creative than their competition, resulting in some pretty funny ads.

If youre a commercial lover and are on the prowl for some new auto insurance take a look at some of the all-time best auto insurance commercials out there. You may find that in the next few minutes youve gotten a few laughs and maybe even a new insurance provider.

Everyone knows there are little brats out there that can do a little damage knock over a plant or even put Ex-Lax in the doggie dish but you never think that youll need a new auto insurance policy simply because someone brought a child to the bank.

However, Nationwide Insurance shows you that coverage is crucial, even at the banks drive-up teller window.

CURE Auto Insurance is based in New Jersey and takes pride in offering alternative auto insurance options to drivers trying to avoid the states high premiums.

A cute little talking dot paves the way to the auto insurers door and in this funny commercial, the road requires a little bit of censorship.

You may accustomed to Allstate Insurance giving you serious commercials about the importance of insuring your family, but every now and then the company has to give you a laugh. In this one, the poor guy is lucky to be insured after some miscommunication results in the terrible fate for his new vehicle.

There have been studies that point to guys being worse drivers than women, which may be why the Australian company, 1st for Women Car Insurance, decided to cater to one gender only. If youre not sure whether this is fair or not, take a look at this commercial. In 33 seconds, youll be feeling the same way as the insurer.

Theres nothing wrong with fantasizing about your dream guy; well, that is unless youre behind the wheel at the time. These ladies on a girls day out learn this the hard way in this Allstate commercial.

Of course, auto insurance commercials alone wont convince you to shop around for a new auto insurance policy. But after seeing these commercials, maybe youre convinced that getting your hands on a policy is the best choice you can make for your car.