Allstate Adds 100 Auto Insurance Jobs with Unique Requirements

Allstate Insurance hopes to boost the economy and its auto insurance business by adding more than 100 agents in Florida this year. The job creation project is a part of a program that targets mid-career and mid-level managers with a financial and sales background; however, there is an interesting price to pay to be considered for one of the positions.

Candidates Need Money to Make Money?

According to recent reports, Allstate Insurance hopes to bring in new candidates to fill in one of more than 100 positions available throughout Florida. However, in order to qualify for a position, the candidate needs a minimum of $50,000 of liquid capital to invest in their new auto insurance agency.

This will help Allstate bolster its auto line and boost its coverage of boats, recreational all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles.

New Capital Equals New Business

By requiring that new job candidates bring money to invest, the Florida-area Allstate hopes to eventually become a one-stop shop insurance provider to its customers. The hope is that its new candidates can help make this dream a reality.

The benefits for the candidates would include profits coming from investing premiums that are paid by customers before the company pays out a claim. For those who are able to invest, they could end up seeing some significant profits throughout their time with the auto insurance company.

If you live in the Florida area and are interested in this employment/investment opportunity, Allstate asks that you visit its website or call toll-free 1-877-711-1006.