Allstate Insurance Offers Auto Customers Money-Back Guarantee

Allstate Insurance, in an effort to find an edge over its competition, is promising its customers a money-back guarantee if they’re not satisfied with their auto insurance claims service. This enticing refund option was successfully tested in four states last year and now has been expanded to dozens throughout the country.

Allstate Tested Money-Back Guarantee Last Year

In an effort to gauge the potential of its money-back guarantee, Allstate tested its concept last year in four states—Georgia, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. It provided customers who were dissatisfied with the service on a paid auto insurance claim a credit to their premium if they complained in writing within 180 days of the incident that caused the claim.

The company said during its test run that very few customers requested refunds, making its test run a successful one.

Kevin Smith, an Allstate spokesperson, told Fox News, “We had very few applicants for the satisfaction guarantee in those states, which led us to believe: one, this would be successful for us and two, our processes continue to be performing very well.”

Now the insurer says it is prepared to expand the money-back guarantee to nearly two dozen states with more to come in following months.

Allstate Customers Won’t Pay Higher Premiums

Allstate Insurance included in its announcement that customers who purchase personal auto insurance policies under the new money-back guarantee will not be charged higher premiums. Further, the company said there are no qualifiers or exceptions to worry about.

If any customer is dissatisfied with the way their claim is handled—anytime from the first phone call after the accident to the last call in the claims process—they can apply for a credit.

Customers who file a claim and are approved for a refund will receive a credit equal to six months of their premiums. The company plans to offer the service in 31 states with more to come later this year.