April is National Car Care Month: How to Properly Car for Your Car

One great way to lower your auto insurance rates is to take great care of your car and lower the risk of mishaps and accidents, which is why it’s good to take April’s National Car Care Month to make improvements to your vehicle.

National Car Care Month highlights the commitment people should make to be aware of the condition of their cars. Whether you’re caring for the inside or outside, there are benefits in store, some of which could outright affect your auto insurance.

1. Check your tire pressure: One commitment you want to make is to check your tire pressure. Not only can it help with fuel economy, handling and traction, if you have a slow leak, it could eventually become a blowout that causes dangers on the road.

2. Check your windshield wipers: April is known for being one of the rainiest months of the year. If your wipers are not in good condition, you could find yourself struggling to see the road during a storm. This of course poses a major danger to you and others on the road, and as a result could negatively affect your auto insurance rates.

3. Protect rubber seals: Cold weather can sometimes dry out rubber seals, which block out road noise in the passenger cabin. To avoid issues with dry seals, try a rubber protectant to re-hydrate them.

4. Wash your car: Washing your car is important for getting the winter sludge off. If you don’t wash it thoroughly, the dirt could slowly eat away at the exterior of the car.

5. Polish your car: Taking time to polish your car makes you feel that all of the maintenance (and the car notes) are worth it. So take time to make that lackluster winter paint look brand new. By using a wax or sealant, you will see your car shine like a new penny.

Being able to keep your car in tip-top shape is a great way to make it look its best for the spring and summer. But even better, with the proper maintenance, you could find low auto insurance rates and keep them low by reducing the threat an improperly-maintained vehicle poses on the road.