Are My Personal Possessions Covered by My Auto insurance?

Let’s say you’ve recently been hit by some bad news: you car was stolen. What’s worse, sitting in the backseat were your cellphone, brand-new digital camera, and a very expensive leather jacket you’ve had for less than a year. Clearly, in a situation like this, losing your car to theft is bad enough, but on top of that, you’ve lost some expensive technology. Now you have to replace those items because they were essential to your lifestyle. You may be wondering if your auto insurance covers the loss of these personal possessions: the answer is no, unfortunately.

When it comes to personal possessions in a car, auto insurance providers will only cover built-in extras that came with the car. That is to say, optional items that you chose to add on to your final bill when you bought your car, like fancy speakers, or a CD player if it didn’t come as an option. Auto insurers will generally cover the cost of these features. However, if you had any custom work done that had nothing to do with the actual purchasing of the car, then that will not be covered.

In order to get your personal items covered, you would need homeowner’s insurance. Auto insurance will not cover any ancillary personal possessions in the car at the time of its theft or destruction due to natural causes, such as fires or floods or other destructive acts of nature.

To learn more about your personal possessions and how they relate to your auto insurance, be sure to call or meet with an auto insurance industry representative and go over all your questions in as much detail as possible. By learning about what your auto insurance does and doesn’t cover, you could see where you need more protection.