Auto Insurance Rates Higher for Young Men

While everyone knows that the term “glass ceiling” almost always applies to obstacles facing women, one area where the term is reversed is in auto insurance rates. That’s because car insurance companies almost always charge higher auto insurance rates for young men than for young women.

Auto insurance providers do not determine rate quotes based solely upon an individual’s driving record. They make larger auto insurance rate decisions based upon a lot more objective data, such as your age, where you live, what kind of car you’re driving and even your credit history. They also take into account your gender, and that’s because statistics consistently support the notion that young male drivers are more reckless and irresponsible behind the wheel. What’s more, studying driving data also shows that young men spend more time driving just in terms of sheer mileage and hours in the car. That fact alone translates into higher chances for accidents. While it may seem unfair, if you think about it, young women drivers rarely drag race, or do donuts on lawns, or spend as much time obsessing over their cars – all those car “gear head” magazines, for example, target the young male demographic, and their pleasure in racing and mechanics and the cult of the car itself.

Of course, auto insurance rates become more equal as young men and women drivers grow up. Interestingly, the same statistics that show young women drivers are safer drivers than their male counterparts are also showing that young women are becoming less so, and are gradually adopting more and more of the same driving habits as young men. This is leading to more accidents and more auto insurance claims, and the day may be coming soon when young men and women pay the same, higher auto insurance rates.