Auto Insurance Companies Refurbish Vehicles for Needy Families

Sixty-eight families nationwide were given free vehicles on Monday, Nov. 23 as a part of a program called Recycled Rides. The program, which was created by the National Auto Body Council and other community members of various areas around the country, recently received funding from AAA Insurance and Esurance to help two families in need in the El Monte and Pasadena, Calif. areas.

About Recycled Rides

The Recycled Rides program recruits auto body shops, insurance companies, paint suppliers and parts vendors to help refurbish vehicles them pass them on to families in need. The programs typically assist families that have extraordinary circumstances that result in a sudden need for a vehicle.

For instance, the De Los Santos family, which originally consisted of a wife and husband, suddenly expanded when their six grandchildren who had been sent to foster care were adopted by the couple. Overnight they need a reliable vehicle but no money to purchase one. It was then that Recycled Rides stepped in to help.

Insurance Companies Making a Difference

With word that insurance companies often increase rates or simply price unfairly to begin with, it’s refreshing to learn that companies are helping families get on their feet. Both Esurance and AAA donated a car to the two families in California.

The families were also given complimentary insurance for six months, free of charge.