Auto Insurance Coverage for Pets

Devoted animal lovers consider pets as part of the family, and often refer to them as their children. They want to do everything they can to cover their pets in case of an auto accident, and will seek out insurance coverage for them as well. Auto insurance providers are well aware of this trend and many now automatically provide insurance coverage to your pets as part of your auto policy.

Limitations to Auto Insurance Coverage for Pets

Many car insurance companies will now cover vet bills associated with car accidents, but of course there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • The policy coverage typically extends to only cats and dogs
  • If the accident was deemed your fault, the insurance coverage will not extent to your pet
  • If the accident was not your fault, the other driver’s insurance may be responsible for paying the vet bills for your pet
  • There is typically a cap for paid coverage for the pet bills
  • There is a payment if the pet dies during the collision
  • At present time, only Progressive insurance will provide vet bill coverage regardless of who is found at fault for the accident

Progressive Pioneers Pet Coverage

Progressive Insurance was the first major auto insurance provider to include pet coverage as part of their standard collision coverage. The pet coverage comes at no additional cost to the policy holder. Progressive pioneered pet coverage in November of 2007 and has garnered some media attention for the unprecedented action in coverage. Progressive caps their pet maximums at $500 per animal.

Other insurance companies are following suit to tap into the devotion animal lovers have to their pets. Farmer’s Insurance Group added automatic pet coverage to their collision policies in August of 2008. Farmer’scoverage is capped at $600 per pet for treatment, or financial coverage if the pet dies in an accident.

When choosing auto insurance, many people may not even consider the coverage of their pet in selecting a policy. But animal lovers will rejoice that this option now exists and is gaining popularity across the nation.