Auto Insurance Customers Influenced by Online Experience

Auto insurance customers who have a negative experience visiting an insurance company’s website are less likely to shop with or recommend them in the future, according to J.D. Power and Associates.

The firm discovered that individuals who shop for auto insurance online via company websites are greatly impacted by their experience.

Five Factors Make Auto Insurance Online Customers Happy

The J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Insurance Website Evaluation Study (SM) released last week found that an auto insurance customer’s online experience has a significant impact on their commitment to the insurance company in the long run.

The firm identified five factors that contribute to a shopper’s overall satisfaction when shopping online:

  • Ease of navigating the website
  • Appearance of the website
  • Clarity of information provided on the website
  • Range of services that can be performed on the website
  • Speed of site

The study, which is the first for the firm, found that nearly three-fourths of all shoppers visit at least one insurer’s website. With a company’s website often being a customer’s first point of contact, how customers perceive their online experience could determine their future interactions with the company.

Customers Who Shop for Auto Insurance Online and Enjoy It Are Likely to Return

The J.D. Power study explored the feelings of shoppers who choose to shop online to find auto insurance coverage.

It found, among shoppers who indicated being delighted with their web experience, 63 percent were more likely to shop the insurer after visiting the website. Also, 50 percent of those delighted shoppers said they “definitely will” recommend the insurers to others.

On the other hand, a negative experience on an insurance website seemed to impact whether customers thought others should work with the insurance company. Among the 14 percent of shoppers who said they were disappointed with a website, online 2 percent said they would recommend the insurance company to others.

While insurance websites offer a reasonable indication of the quality of insurance company, it’s good as a customer to look beyond the site itself to determine a company’s reputation.

Take time to look at their coverage options and costs, credit ratings, customer reviews, financial health, claims history and more to gain a well-rounded perspective of whether the company is right for you.