What Kind of Auto Insurance Do I Need? (Matrix)

Choosing an auto insurance policy can be tricky business, especially when there are so many factors to consider within each policy besides car insurance rates. Whether you’re choosing the amount of liability coverage to purchase, deciding whether to add comprehensive and collision coverage, or contemplating extras like personal injury protection and gap coverage, there’s a lot to think about.

What’s interesting about selecting coverage is that personal circumstances almost always play a role in what is best for us. However, most of us consider price more than our circumstances when choosing our coverage.

If you’re interested in choosing the right coverage based on your life then it’s a good idea to take a look at the auto insurance matrix below. It could help you determine which type of coverage or rider could work for you based on specific preferences or circumstances.

Auto Insurance Matrix: Choosing the Right Coverage

Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability
Uninsured / Underinsured Motoritst Bodily Injury Liability
Personal Injury Protection (PIP)
Gap Coverage
If insurance is required by your state
If you have an old car
If your car is new or financed
If you have no health insurance
If you have health insurance but a frequent driver or passenger does not
If you live in an area with wild animals
If your area is prone to natural disasters
If you owe more than your car is worth
If you ever park on a lot or street
If you have a teen driver
If you live in a high-crime neighborhood
Expect a deductible with

(The numbers represent the minimum coverage to purchase per scenario)

Note: Some states require uninsured or underinsured motorist bodily injury liability, as well as personal injury protection. Check with your state’s Department of Transportation for more information.