Auto Insurance More Effective in 2010

The number of uninsured drivers in the U.S. has decreased from 14.9 percent to 13.5 percent so far in 2010. Reports show the results can be attributed to the concerted efforts made by various states to promote public safety across the country. This is great news for car insurance companies and drivers on the road.

Numbers from the Insurance Research Council

The stats for current auto insurance trends were pulled by the Insurance Research Council. The council looked at insurance claims filed by individuals, then calculated the ratio of insurance claims filed by those injured by insured motorists versus those injured by uninsured motorists.

What it found was that more people, despite financial difficulties, have decided to obtain coverage for their vehicles, an act that is undoubtedly keeping the roads safer.

More Insured Individuals Means Lower Rates

Most car insurance companies agree that by adding more insured drivers to the insurance pool, the cost of insurance will go down by default. Sometimes it’s tough to encourage a driver to pick up auto insurance until they see the financial difficulties that with being uninsured. But if you shop around and learn to find the best quotes, you’ll see that the benefits strongly outweigh the costs.

Since it seems that more people are jumping on board with the idea of purchasing coverage, if only we can stop people from using cell phones while driving to lower the incidences of accidents, we may be able to see a complete turnaround in our auto insurance premiums.