Auto Insurance Rates Expected to Rise in October

Reports show that we can expect to see auto insurance rates rise in October 2009. This is due to an annual trend with drivers to file more insurance claims during this month as a result of a loss of daylight and an increase in accidents.

Research fromVirgin Money has shown that October 20th is traditionally the worst day of the year when it comes to accidents that involve a car insurance claim. For the month as a whole, wetypically seean increase of 25 percent morein claims than the yearly average.

It is for this reason that experts advisedrivers during the month of October to pay extra attention while behind the wheel. Since the weather is harsher and a darker morning and afternoon rush hour is an issue, it’s up to policyholders to drive more carefully to avoid increases in their own auto insurance coverage.

Of course, conditions won’t improve for some time as daylight hours continue to shorten and the weather worsens. This is why safety experts ask drivers to consider taking extra precautions at the start of fall. These include stepping up your defensive driving techniques, increasing your spacing between cars, and even wearing protective eye-wear to avoid a blinding glare from the sun during rush hour.

The more precautionary measures you take during this fall season, the greater everyone’s likelihood will beof maintaining reasonable auto insurance premiums.