Auto Insurance Rates Lower for Young Women

Car insurance rates are almost always lower for young women than they are for young men. While this “reverse discrimination” may seem unfair to many young men out there, the fact of the matter is that young women are better and safer drivers than their male counterparts, and this inclination is proven by statistical evidence year after year.

Justifying Rates for Women

Auto insurance providers spend a lot of their time analyzing data that relates to overall driving habits and of course, accident statistics. In fact, the more data that they can get their hands on the better. Their analysis shows that young women are safer and more cautious drivers than their male peers. For whatever reason, young male drivers actually drive more, just in terms of mileage and hours spent behind the wheel. What’s more, they drive more recklessly than young women and get into more accidents. This too has reasons that are open to debate – many people feel that young men tend to be more competitive with each other, and more aggressive, and that this translates into faster driving and more risky behavior.

Eventual Rates Equality

Over time, car insurance rates achieve a greater parity, and both sexes end up paying the same for their insurance coverage. One interesting trend, however, is that young women are driving more and more like young men – more reckless driving and aggression, and of course, more accident claims. Given this incremental rise in risky driving among both sexes at a young age, it’s a possible future scenario that young men and women pay comparable auto insurance rates, and the current discrepancy may be a thing of the past.