Did Your Auto Insurer Receive the Most Complaints in 2010?

A number of auto insurance companies ranked lower than expected in the New York State Insurance Department’s 2010 Annual Ranking of Automobile Insurance Complaints and yours could be one. While the ranking was created by the department in New York State, many of the companies also serve customers in different states exclusively or customers nationwide and could be associated with your auto insurance policy.

About the Auto Insurer Ranking

The department looked at how 167 auto insurance companies performed last year. The report was based on the number of consumer complaints received by the department for each company in relation to the volume of each company’s business.

The ranking was created as a way to help consumers evaluate the performance of their insurance company. Also, they could use it to check the performance of other companies if they’re looking to switch companies.

The Best Auto Insurance Companies

According to the report, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company was ranked first as the largest of 51 companies without a single upheld complaint. Other national companies that ranked well include:

  • Amica Mutual Insurance Company (3rd)
  • 21st Century National Insurance Company (9th)
  • Citizens Insurance Company of America (16th)
  • Liberty Insurance Corporation (17th)
  • SAFECO Insurance Company of America (34th)

The above companies had zero upheld complaints against them.

The Worst Auto Insurance Companies

As for the worst companies, New York-based Long Island Insurance ranked 165th on the list and last among insurers with $1 million or more premiums with 265 upheld complaints. Here are some other major companies that ranked poorly:

  • GEICO Casualty Company (143rd)
  • Esurance Insurance Company (119th)
  • Progressive Casualty Insurance Company (107th)
  • Allstate Insurance Company (105th)

While not all of the above companies had a high number of upheld complaints, they ranked low because their complaint-business ratio was high. Another note about the report is that while some companies may have ranked high or low, other companies that underwrite for them under a similar name may have ranked on the opposite spectrum.

So to know how your specific company ranked, it’s important to learn the name of your specific underwriter then check the list to see where yours sits.