Avoid Eating and Driving to Keep Auto Insurance Affordable

According to a recent study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 80 percent of all car accidents were caused by driver distractions – this includes eating and driving. In the same study, NHTSA found that 65 percent of all near-accidents were also caused by driver distractions.

The problem with having any type of car accident is that it can increase your auto insurance premium by as much as 25 percent. Of course, there’s nothing you can do about unavoidable collisions such as those caused by bad weather or a drunk driver. However, when you’re tailing too close to someone while eating a sandwich – not fully focused on the road – you will undoubtedly be setting yourself up for an accident that can not only cause harm to both parties involved, but also raise your insurance premium significantly.

Anyone can sympathize withthe need fora quick breakfast on the way to work. However, drinking hot coffee that can spill in your lap, or trying to add jelly to your sausage and egg muffin sandwich, just isn’t a good idea while in transit. There are just too many opportunities to avert your eyes long enough to hit the back of another vehicle.

So if you’re not able to eat your breakfast at your desk in the morning, you may want to try waking up a tad bit earlier to eat before you leave. This way you can slow down your routine – maybe eat with the family and reduce your chances of causing an accident and increasing your auto insurance at the same time.