Bad Credit Auto Insurance Quotes

Do you have bad or poor credit? If so, you’re not alone, especially in these crazy economic times. Unemployment rates continue to rise, and everyone is worried about job security. If you do have bad credit, you’re probably unhappy about the auto insurance quotes you’re getting. It’s too bad thatauto insurance quotes take into account your credit report, when what they should be focusing on is your good driving record – but that’s just the way it is. The good news is that there are ways to get decent auto insurance quotes even when you have bad credit.

First, some qualifiers: not all auto insurance providers take your bad credit into account, and in some states it’s illegal for them to do so. To find out the details, contact your state insurance commission. If you do happen to live in a state where bad overall credit is factored into auto insurance rate quotes, ask any potential car insurance provider right up front if this is their policy. Once you know who you’re dealing with, you can take your business elsewhere.

If you’re stuck dealing with car insurance providers who use your bad credit in calculating your quote, there are some things you can do to lower your monthly premium payments. For starters, you can raise your deductible. You can also combine your auto insurance with other insurance policies — many providers will give you a discount if you get all your various insurance needs met through them. Finally, depending on the quality of your car, you can think about dropping comprehensive insurance and collision insurance. Both of these coverages may be more expensive than the actual value of your car — if that’s the case they can probably go.

Bad credit having a bad impact on your auto insurance rate quotes is unfortunate, but very, very common. The good news is that bad credit can be made better.