Auto Insurance Benefits Forfeited in Street Racing

There are many factors contributing to street racing. Teens are the most common violators of street racing laws. Many times this reckless behavior can be discouraged by more education and a better understanding of the consequences.

Street Racing is Illegal Everywhere

Street racing is not legal anywhere in the United States. Because of its high-risk status, auto insurance companies withdraw their benefits if they discover that an accident was caused due to street racing. By not offering insurance coverage for street racing, people will more carefully consider the financial and personal risks they are taking when participating in reckless driving behavior.

Auto Insurance Benefits Lost When Street Racing

The loss of benefits coverage for street racing is explicitly stated by most auto insurance providers. For example,Progressive includes an provision stating that coverage will to apply due to the “loss to any vehicle resulting from, or sustained during practice or preparation for: (a) any pre-arranged or organized racing, stunting, speed or demolition contest or activity, or (b) any driving activity conducted on a permanent or temporary racetrack or racecourse.”

If you truly feel the need to street race, consider the risks you are taking. You risk your life, the lives of others, financial ruin for your parents and loved ones, jail-time and losing your drivers license. Insurance will not cover losses due to racing of any type, so why even risk it? Often times, people do not consider themselves street racers. A moment of anger or excitement however, can cause even the most careful of drivers to be lured into a dangerous activity. It will also be extremely difficult to secure auto insurance after you are found guilty of street racing.