Californians Show Proof of Auto Insurance on Smartphones

proof of insurance

Individuals with California auto insurance can take advantage of a new convenience thanks to a law that took effect on January 1. Now, rather than rummaging through their glove box to find proof of insurance when pulled over by law enforcement, drivers in the state can simply show proof of being insured with their smartphones.

Smartphones Used as Proof of Insurance

At the beginning of 2013, a new law went into effect that allows California drivers to show proof of insurance with their smartphones.

According to media reports, drivers who are pulled over by the police, or stopped at a DUI check point, will be able to prove they are insured by simply pulling up the coverage information on their phones. The proof will have to be shown through apps offered via insurers, however.

Currently, State Farm offers an app that allows its customers to show proof of insurance. By simply downloading an app then clicking “auto,” customers can view their insurance cards.

In addition to California, drivers in Alabama are also able to prove they have auto insurance coverage with their smartphones.

How to Secure Affordable California Auto Insurance

Of course, in order to show proof of coverage, it’s important to first secure California auto insurance. Here are a few ways to locate and purchase an affordable policy:

  • Shop around: The first step in finding affordable coverage is actually shopping around. In other words, don’t sign up with the first company from which you receive a quote. Take time to compare prices to ensure you’re receiving the best deal possible.
  • Look for discounts: When in the process of comparison shopping for coverage, don’t forget to ask about discounts that could further reduce the price. You may find that cheap insurance is accessible by bundling policies or even showing proof of military service.
  • Considering PAYD: Another option that could reduce the price of coverage is pay-as-you-drive (PAYD). Depending on the company, drivers may receive discounts of between 30 and 50 percent for spending less time on the road and exhibiting good driving behaviors. Ask insurance companies about PAYD discounts as you shop around.

The ability to show proof of insurance via a smartphone is undoubtedly an amazing convenience for individuals who aren’t always successful at keeping track of their insurance paperwork. And for those who haven’t yet acquired insurance, it’s good to know there are fast and easy ways to secure affordable California auto insurance.