Can My Auto Insurer Force Me to Use Certain Auto Parts for Repair?

If you’ve ever been in a car accident that resulted in damage to your vehicle, then you know what a hassle the whole repair process can be. One aspect of the repair process as it relates to your auto insurance company and your claim is that your auto insurer may stipulate, as part of your auto insurance policy, that certain kinds of parts be used in the repair of your car. The kinds of parts they will want to use are used, second-hand parts.

Auto insurers are, like everyone else, always looking for ways in which to save money. Like all corporations, they’re obsessed with their bottom line. One way in which they save money is by requiring their members to get used parts in the repair of their vehicles from an accident. Clearly, the price of a second-hand carburetor, for example, will be less than the price of a brand-new one. In most cases, if you as the car-owner wish to use a brand-new piece of equipment in the repair of your car, then you can, but you will have to pay the difference in price between the second-hand part and its brand-new version.

It’s important to take into consideration the fact that if your auto insurer requires you to use aftermarket parts in the repair of your car, it could lead to conflicts with the warranty on your automobile. Many new cars have warranties that are only valid if repair work is done by an authorized dealer of your car. So, if you’re driving a new Toyota and it’s still under warranty, you may no longer be under warranty for that specific part if you use a second-hand part, as stipulated by your auto insurer.

To learn more about second-hand and aftermarket parts in the repair of your vehicle, be sure to speak with a representative of your auto insurance company.