Classic or Antique Auto Insurance

Everyone loves antiques and classic cars. Theyre fun, uncommon and exciting. Why else do they figure so prominently in the history of the American parade? What fourth of July would be complete without a series of antique and classic cars slowly cruising down Main Street? Whether youre buying an antique or classic car as an investment, or just out of pure nostalgia and the love of classic automobiles, you need to get proper classic and antique auto insurance. Clearly, there will be special needs involved in owning a classic or antique car that must be taken into consideration.

What Constitutes an Antique or Classic Car?

This definition will vary from state to state and may even vary from insurance agency to insurance agency. This will be critical in determining whether you need classic and antique auto insurance. In many states, a car that is classified as a classic, antique or collectors special collection is one that is over 15 years old. Make sure you do as much research as possible before you set out to purchase classic and antique auto insurance.

Why Do Antique or Classic Cars Require Special Insurance?

People who own classic and antique cars need to get classic and antique auto insurance because of their cars special nature. For example, if you were to get into an accident and extensive repairs were needed especially in terms of ordering new parts things could get very complicated and expensive. Clearly, obtaining parts for cars which are no longer in production could be very time-consuming and extremely difficult. Who knows how long it will take to order a new steering wheel for a Model T, or where to even start looking for one? Owning an old car is lots of fun, but it comes with its own special set of circumstances. Thats why its so important to do as much research as possible before you buy classic and antique auto insurance.