Costa Rica’s Insurance Institute Offers Drunk Drivers Safe Rides Home

The Republic of Costa Rica is doing something innovative with its auto insurance policies; it’s asking that they offer safe rides to drivers under the influence of alcohol.

According to Costa Rica’s National Insurance Institute (INS), a new clause has been added to three auto insurance policies to provide policyholders a ride home from an event if they are too drunk to drive.

The Designated Driver and Designated Taxi Benefit

Costa Rica’s program is known as the “Designated Driver and Designated Taxi” benefit and is offered under the country’s A, C, D, and G auto insurance policies at no extra cost. All insured auto members who are under these policies can simply call the INS’ toll-free number and a designated driver or taxi will arrive to take the insured motorist to his or her desired destination.

What Types of Vehicles Qualify for the Program?

According to the INS, there are vehicle requirements to take advantage of the program:

  • Policy owners with vehicles that are up to six years old can call for a ride three times per year.
  • Policy owners with vehicles that are six to 20 years old can only call once.
  • Policy owners with vehicles over 20 years old do not qualify for the program.

To receive a ride, the driver must coordinate the pickup at least two hours ahead. Also, the driver will only to that insured member to the designated location and nowhere else.

While we’re unsure about how the vehicle’s age relates to call restrictions, overall the benefit sounds great and could be something that would go over well in the United States. If nothing else, it could help Americans lower auto insurance premiums by reducing the number of accidents caused by drunk driving.

What do you think of Costa Rica’s Designated Driver and Designated Taxi benefit?