Craziest Yahoo Answers Auto Questions

There’s no doubt that car ownership can be a bit perplexing. But some folks have more of a difficult time with it than others. Let’s check out the 10 crazy Fail Yahoo! Answers out there from Yahoo! Answers that relate to autos and auto insurance.

1. Car Explosion Fail

2. Dumb and Shallow Fail

3. Engine Fire Fail

4. Weed Smoking Fail

5. Poop Fail

6. Fire in the Winter Fail

7. Texting While Driving Fail

8. Sex While Driving Fail

9. Fraud Fail

10. Smashed Window Fail

While these funny Yahoo! Answers responses are great to read, you don’t want to take part in these activities as many of them could raise your auto insurance, land you in jail or even threaten your life.

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