Defensive Driving Classes and Why You Should Take Them

Defensive Driving
After youve been a licensed driver for a number of years, it seems customary to take certain driving rules for granted.

For instance, you may not always signal when switching lanes. Or you may forget to check your blind spot before switching lanes. Of course, you know subconsciously that all of these rules are important. But being out of the habit of consciously driving safely, you may forget a thing or two.

The only problem is that a lack of care behind the wheel can result an unfortunate accident. And not only could an accident raise your auto insurance rates, it could result in injuries or even death to you, your passengers, or others on the road. Its for this reason that taking defensive driving classes is ideal. However, if youre not convinced, lets take a closer look at its benefits.

What You Can Gain from Defensive Driving Classes

Defensive driving classes offer a huge benefit to those who decide to take them. They offer an opportunity to take a second course in learning how to drive safely on the road, something they may not have had access to since they took drivers education in high school.

Here are some other benefits to taking defensive driving classes:

  • Keep everyone safe on the road: The number one benefit of taking a defensive driving course is being able to keep you and other drivers safe on the road. In your course, you could not only relearn your own safe driving techniques, but also pick up on some techniques to help avoid and alert others with unsafe driving practices while youre driving.
  • Lower auto insurance premiums: Depending on the defensive driving course you take, you may be able to receive a discount on your auto insurance premiums. However if your insurer doesnt offer a discount, your premiums can still lower from the lack of a bad driving record thanks to your new defensive driving techniques.
  • Get your traffic ticket dismissed: The hope is that you dont have any traffic violations to worry about, but if you do, taking a defensive driving class could get your violation dismissed and may even help reduce points on your driving record. This is a good way to lower your auto insurance rates.

Statistics have shown that companies that offer defensive driving classes to their employees show that the number of work related deaths dropped by 10 percent. So just imagine what this type of course could do for you.

Where to Take Defensive Driving Classes

So now you may be wondering just where you can take these defensive driving classes. There are many places to take advantage of this type of course. Here are just a few:

  • In your area: There is bound to be at least one driving school in your area that will offer the services you need, including AAA and AARP. To get a complete list of defensive driving classes around the country, visit
  • Over the Internet: Believe it or not, there are a ton of companies that are now offering defensive driving courses right over the Internet. However, before you decide to sign up for one, its important to make sure that its not just some fun simulation program and that it is actually approved by your states Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
  • Comedic defensive driving: If you want to take a defensive driving course that is unique and fun then consider the Comedy Defensive Driving School or IMPROV Traffic School. Both of these schools focus on laughter while teaching the serious skills needed to drive safely. The IMPROV Traffic School is currently available in Los Angeles and Arizona while the Comedy Defensive Driving School is available in Texas.

Theres no doubt that being safe on the road is something that everyone should practice each time they get behind the wheel. However, many dont take the concept seriously enough to unlearn some of the dangerous driving behaviors theyve picked up over the years.

If you think youre ready to make some positive changes while on the road and make your car insurance company happy (and you too when you see your improved auto insurance rates) then consider taking a defensive driving class. You wont regret your decision.