The Wrong Way to Get Out of Your Car Insurance Payment

When times are tough, it’s perfectly normal want to cut corners on expenses by looking for more affordable car insurance coverage; however, committing car insurance fraud is a big no-no.

A 24-year-old man figured this out the hard way when he was sentenced to probation for felony insurance fraud in Nov. 2009.

A Scheme Gone Wrong

In July 2008, Jorge Ciberian Moren agreed to a car insurance fraud scheme to help a friend collect an auto insurance settlement by destroying his car. However, the scheme went tragically wrong when a third friend (Fabien Cedano) who was in on the whole thing died after trying to jump out of the car while it was moving.

Oscar Zavala-Gallegos, the owner of the car (a Cadillac Escalade), masterminded the plan because he could not pay his $620 monthly premium. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit insurance fraud and was sentenced to probation.

Lowering Your Car Insurance Premium the Right Way

As you can see, trying to solve the issue of high auto insurance by committing fraud can go tragically wrong. Remember, other options are available to lower your premium. Here are a few to consider:

  • Shopping around: You could always shop around foraffordable car insurance policies.
  • Raising your deductible: You might consider raising your deductible, which in most cases will result in a decrease in your premium.
  • Finding a vehicle with lower premiums: In the case of Zavala-Gallegos, his car came with a high premium. If you’re in this predicament, you might consider vehicles that come with lower premiums.

We all know that auto insurance can put a serious dent in your budget, but before you risk the tragedy the men in this story suffered, consider other safe and legal ways to lower your auto insurance premium.