Accidents Have Not Gone Down Despite Cell Phone Ban

A new study released by the Highway Loss Data Institute has found that, despite recent laws that have cropped up banning hand-held cell phones, the number of auto accidents have not decreased. The institute examined insurance claim records in D.C., New York, Connecticut and California, as well as other areas that lack cell phone bans.

Cell Phone Bans Don’t Reduce Accidents

The method behind theresearch was to look at states that had hand-held cell phone bans for the longest periods of time. By comparing records from before and after the ban, the institute found that there was no change in crash trends before and after the laws were implemented.

In addition, the institute compared crash rates in states that do not have laws restricting driver cell phone use. They found that the crash rates were still similar.

Law Enforcement Policing Cell Phone Users

According to AAA Mid-Atlantic Auto Club in the D.C. area, police officers have increased the number of tickets and warnings they’ve issued to those talking on hand-held cell phones. To date, they have issued almost 13,000 tickets and 7,159 warnings.

Other areas have increased their number of ticket issues as well, including Chicago.

Distracted Driving is the Problem

New findings in a recent AAA study found that the ban on hands-free cell phone use should probably be extended to all use. In the study, they found that talking on hand-held cell phones is no safer than talking on hands-free cell phones. In essence, the problem doesn’t lie with whether you’re holding the phone, it lies in being distracted from the road.

However, as evidenced by the institute’s study, drivers don’t plan to slow down on their talking/texting while driving activities anytime soon. So for the others on the road who want to avoid higher auto insurance premiums and injuries due to crashes with distracted drivers, it may be time to enroll in some defensive driving classes.