Esurance Mobile: The App That Makes Car Insurance Easy

esurance mobile

If you’re a smartphone user, chances are you rely on a bevy of mobile apps to take care of business no matter where you are, no matter what the hour. Now you can take advantage of that same on-the-go flexibility when handling your car insurance needs with Esurance Mobile.

Esurance’s free app is available for your iPhone®, Androidâ„¢, or Windows® Phone, with user ratings that routinely top four stars — and there are plenty of reasons why Esurance Mobile is rated so highly.

Esurance Mobile’s Convenient Core Features

The “locate shops and services” feature is handy for anyone searching for the nearest gas, biodiesel or electric charging station; a parking spot; a local repair shop; or even somewhere great for coffee and cupcakes.

Non-customers can also easily get a fast, free quote for a one-car, one-driver policy, which makes it easy to become a policyholder once you’ve seen what you could save.

The app really comes into its own with its policyholder features. While these aren’t as useful for drivers who aren’t with Esurance, their simplicity and convenience suggest that Esurance has put a lot of thought into crafting a powerful tool to make customers’ lives easier.

Check out all the different ways to control your insurance policy right from the palm of your hand:

Policy Info and ID Cards

In the policy info menu, Esurance policyholders can view their ID cards (especially convenient in states that accept electronic proof of ID), update their contact info and review  coverage levels.

Payment Info

This feature offers a simple way to manage payments. Find out your payment total and when the next payment is due. If that date is inconvenient, you can change it to a better one or even change the payment method. And if you’re ready to pay now, no problem: The app will let you do that, too.

Claims Center

We all know reporting and managing a claim can be a real pain. Esurance Mobile takes the hassle out of the experience with easy access to claim information and a repair shop locator, as well as a tool to help you file a claim right from the scene of the incident.

Accident Resources

The moments after an accident can rattle even the most seasoned driver, but Esurance Mobile is here to help. At the top of the page, there’s a button to call roadside assistance. You can also file a claim (or add info to file later), quickly email your insurance info and find a repair shop.

Manage Your Policy No Matter Where You Are

Of course, when it comes to insurers, there’s more to consider than just mobile apps. But this powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use app does a lot to make Esurance worthy of consideration. After all, if a company has put this much thought into their mobile app, just think what they’ve done with all their other products and services!