Esurance’s Tools and Apps Help You Save Big on Auto Insurance


It should really come as no surprise that Esurance, the company that practically pioneered online auto insurance, also happens to be a leader in developing useful tools and apps designed to help save you time and money.

Esurance boasts a tool for every stage of the process, from quote to claim. Here’s a walk-through of the unique insurance tools Esurance offers.

The Coverage Counselor® Helps You Find Coverage That’s Right for You

If you’re new to auto insurance, terms like “deductible,” “limit,” and “comprehensive” might sound a little unfamiliar. And even if you’ve had car insurance for years, there’s always the possibility you’re carrying coverage you don’t really need or paying too much for those you do.

Enter the Coverage Counselor, a unique interactive tool that provides coverage types, limits, and deductibles for you to consider based on your answers to a few simple questions. Within minutes, you’ll have a set of customized suggestions that you can email, print or use to get a quote.

Pull Into the Express Laneâ„¢ to Get a Faster, Easier Quote

Once you’re ready to get a quote, you’ll have the option to use Express Lane, a souped-up, tricked-out version of Esurance’s regular quoting tool.

The secret to Express Lane? It fills in all the info for you! By providing your name, date of birth, and address, Express Lane will look up info on your car (like VIN, make, and model), as well as previous insurance info (like prior deductibles and limits).

That’s it — no digging through your wallet or fumbling for your current insurance docs. Just a faster, easier free quote.

Esurance Mobile Puts Car Insurance in Your Pocket

When it comes to managing something as important as insurance, convenience is king. And if you’re the type who uses an app to do everything from manage your finances to find a great restaurant for dinner, you’ll love Esurance Mobile. This free app for Android™, iPhone®, and Windows® Phone lets you do just about anything you need no matter where you are.

Esurance Mobile lets you file claims, pay your bill, change your payment due date or method, monitor your car’s repairs after a claim, and find everything from local repair shops to the best neighborhood cupcake spot.

RepairView® Makes the Claim Process a Lot Less Painful

Let’s face it — there’s little worse than not knowing how your car’s repairs are going after an accident. That’s why Esurance created RepairView, the service that lets you track your car’s repair progress with regular photo updates you can view and share from your home computer or your smartphone. Because if anything can help relieve your separation anxiety, it’s the enthusiastic commiseration of friends.

Esurance Is Built to Save

Beyond constantly building useful new tools, Esurance is always looking for ways to save drivers money. Guess that’s why drivers who switch to Esurance save 28% on average.

Tools and apps that make insurance less of a hassle — and less expensive. Now that’s insurance for the modern worldâ„¢.