Everything You Need to Know about Car Warranties

Many people have taken the leap into purchasing a new automobile due to all the incentives by both the dealers and government that have been promoted recently.

One of the greatest enticements to buying a new car is the type of protection offered by a manufacturing as part of a purchasing decision, and that level of protection is called a car warranty, and getting the best car warranty one out there can save you even more money in the long run.

How Much Protection Do I Need?

You may even consider purchasing an extended warranty, but that decision is a personal decision. Only after conducting a thorough cost-benefit analysis, can you come up with the conclusion that suits your situation best.

Depending on who made the vehicle, the automatic level of protection you receive for your purchase varies, but one thing is true. There are certain behaviors that you must avoid making in order to ensure that your car warranty is not prematurely voided.

Will my Warranty Be Canceled?

To ensure that you car warranty is not canceled it is up to you to follow some strict guidelines so your warranty is not rejected. Some clauses that can result in a cancellation include but are not limited to:

  • Service checkups by the manufacturers specifications must be made and documented
  • Documentation for service checkups must include odometer reading, date, identification number and model of the vehicle
  • Any work using parts not made by the manufacturer must be well documented on the receipt to ensure no complications arise at a later date

There are several myths revolving around the cancellation of car warranties especially regarding after market parts. Only by taking the time to read all the facts in the legal documentation provided by the car dealer upon the purchase of your new vehicle, will you be able to take the practical precautions needed to prevent the misfortune of happening to you.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your warranty can still be canceled. If that is the case, the car manufacturer must prove why your warranty has been voided and if you can prove otherwise by providing written documentation and phone conversations. There are ways of fighting a void but it all begins the day you purchase the vehicle and start making extremely detailed records to document your case.