Everything You Need to Know About State Farm Roadside Assistance

When it comes to emergency assistance programs like State Farm roadside assistance, you can drive with confidence even in an older vehicle. These days, many businesses are getting in the game by providing their customers with this useful benefit. Many insurance companies and even credit card providers have some type of roadside assistance program available for their customers, and many more will begin offering it as they do not want to be behind the game. But while this is a great option for making sure you’ll get help while driving, you need to know more about the program in order to determine if it’s right for you.

State Farm Roadside Assistance Basics

State Farm is not like AAA in the sense that they have their own vehicles to come and tow your car or bring you gas when you need it. Instead, they will reimburse your costs when you call another service provider to come help you. This is actually beneficial because you are able to call any emergency roadside assistance provider and not have to rely on a regional network or local towing company. You can essentially call any of them and recoup the cost for State Farm later on.

In order to be sure you are covered for roadside reimbursement, make sure you contact your State Farm policy provider and verify that you have this benefit. Assumptions could be costly, especially when you are stranded on a street not knowing which number to call for aid.

Considering Roadside Assistance

It is important to note that having your vehicle towed could affect your auto insurance premiums. If you are concerned with this, you may decide to go with a different company for your roadside assistance needs. However, as mentioned previously, you may be dependent on a company with limited resources and end up waiting hours for a tow truck to finish its route.

In general, it’s best to have this type of benefit when you are driving an older vehicle or are unable to change your own tires. The cost of calling a towing company for assistance when you are not a member could be great.

If you’re looking for auto insurance rates from companies like State Farm, rest easy knowing that they do provide this benefit. Fill out our online form and you can begin comparing insurance quotes from the top insurers all competing for your business. The quotes are absolutely free.