Finding Best Auto Insurance Rates for 2010

For 2010, you’ve made a conscious choice to start saving wherever you can – starting with finding the best auto insurance rates for your car. Well it’s February now, and you probably aren’t doing half as well as you thought you would in the savings department. And while we can’t help you with that, we are experts on helping people save on their car insurance premiums.

Finding the best auto insurance rates in 2010 isn’t a difficult endeavor. Not by a long shot. You can use helpful online insurance comparison sites like ours to find and compare free insurance quotes, or you can call up an agent. We recommend you use our service as it’s free and you’ll get results in a few seconds after entering your information. Once you’re set with the companies and rates you want, you simply have to choose.

When you’re selecting an auto insurer to work with, be sure you know their reputation for customer service. Many companies can be competitive in the rates department, but only a handful are able compete in the service department. Paying $100 more every 6 months is worth it if you’re getting excellent service when you’re in a pinch. For instance, is a little extra money worth the headache of a slow claims process? You’ll need to determine this for yourself. But consider that you will have to rent a car and have your car taken to a body shop, and you usually will not have your own source for rentals or body repair. Having a great insurance claims agent to help you is worth its weight in gold.

Now that you know how to get the best rates for auto insurance this year, and what to look for in an auto insurance company, stop procrastinating and start saving!