Florida Insurance Regulator Offers Auto Insurance Rates Comparison Tool

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The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation plans to make it easier for residents to compare auto insurance rates over the internet. With the new expansion of its online insurance comparison tool, Choices, drivers will be able to check rates from various insurers before deciding on which coverage to purchase.

Florida Office of Insurance Regulation Comparison Program

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation announced this week it has expanded its online homeowners insurance rate comparison program. Now, the program will also include comparisons for auto insurance rates.

Under its home insurance option, Choices offers average rates for a number of companies that are writing insurance in each of the 67 counties represented in the database. Some factors the site accounts for when determining average rates includes: type of construction, dwelling value, mitigation features and amount of deductibles.

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation clarifies that rates quoted are for illustrative purposes. They “reflect the most recent rate filings approved by the Office.”

Compare Auto Insurance Rates with Choices

Florida residents who are interested in comparing auto insurance rates can now visit Choices to learn more about companies offering coverage in the area.

The website chooses three scenarios as criteria to help drivers navigate the auto insurance rates that may align with their personal circumstances; for example, senior married couples, single female and family with young drivers.

When residents click on the scenario that suits them most, they will be guided to a map of the state and asked to click on their specific county. A window will pop up with a list of average auto insurance rates offered by insurers in the area.

Residents who want to shop for auto insurance online and purchase coverage for auto insurance will not be able to do so through the website.