Ford Customers Offered Mileage-Based Auto Insurance Discounts

Ford is offering some drivers the opportunity to save up to 40 percent per year in auto insurance discounts. The automaker is teaming up with the State Farm Drive Safe & Save insurance discount program to offer discounts based on annual mileage.

Auto Insurance Discounts for Ford SYNC-Equipped Drivers

Drivers of Ford vehicles that come equipped with the company’s SYNC feature will have access to mileage-based auto insurance discounts. The company is working with State Farm, which is expanding its State Farm Drive Safe & Save program, to help drivers lower the cost to operate their vehicles.

Ford SYNC is a connectivity system that provides drivers with the ability to voice command and control mobile devices like cell phones and MP3 players. Also, the system provides services like 911 Assist and a Vehicle Health report.

SYNC became a standard feature on 2009 model year and newer Ford Motor Company vehicles. Since the mileage from the system is verified by State Farm and can be shared with its representatives, the company agreed to make it a way for users to qualify for State Farm Drive Safe & Save discounts.

State Farm Drive Safe & Save Discounts Determined by Mileage

The State Farm Drive Safe & Save program is a mileage-based discount that rewards drivers for low mileage and safe driving habits. In order to take advantage of the discount, drivers will have to use the system’s Vehicle Health Report, which records the odometer reading and shares it with State Farm.

After readings are shared over the first six months in the program, the amount of premium savings a customer has earned will be determined at the renewal date. Afterward, drivers will be eligible for savings at each renewal period as long as their miles are tracked via SYNC.

Drivers who enter the program are able to save about 5 percent on their auto insurance just for enrolling. After which, their savings will be based on miles driven. Those who drive the national average of 1,000 miles per month typically save around 10 percent, while those driving less could save up to 40 percent.