Are Free Auto Insurance Rate Quotes Really Free?

Are you looking for free auto insurance rate quotes? If so, you’ve probably started your search on the Internet, and you’re probably overwhelmed by all your choices. You may also be wondering whether free auto insurance quotes are really free, or whether there’s irritating fine print you’re not seeing, and by the time you finish your process you’re going to discover that there actually is a fee involved for “processing” or “handling,” or something equally irritating. The answer to whether free auto insurance quotes are really free or not is yes, they are – but you very often have to jump through hoops to get the quotes, and the amount of time involved can feel costly after the first or second quote process.

Free auto insurance quotes that you find on the Internet will typically require you to enter some fundamental information, such as your age, gender, ZIP code and email address. Therein lies the catch, because the way free auto insurance quotes usually work is that your results will be calculated, and then the insurance agencies offering the results will want to contact you by phone to discuss the quotes. Basically, you get all kinds of results for your free auto insurance quotes, but you have to speak to agents to find out what they are. If you’re like most people this can get pretty exasperating, seeing as what you wanted was a nice, neat list of information results, not a 5-minute phone call with a pushy auto insurance broker.

Of course, not all free auto insurance quote offers work this way. Some do give you a list of easy-to-understand quote results, without any time-consuming phone calls involved. While the possibility of having to speak to auto insurance brokers can be a real turn-off, it’s important to remember that the Internet has made getting these quotes – which, ultimately, are indeed free – so much easier than in the past. Some sites act similarly to a broker, in that they will not charge you, and are only paid by the auto insurance companies. This means you’ll receive a great free service without any hidden fees.

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