Geico Seeks Young Talents to Increase Safety Belt Awareness

If you know of a young and talented artist or filmmaker, Geico wants them to help spread the word on the importance of safety belts. The auto insurer is holding its annual Safety Belt Poster Contest for school-aged children and will be accepting submissions until the beginning of next year.

About the Contest

In an effort to help promote safe driving (which could effectively lower auto insurance premiums), Geico has created a contest urging young artists to spread the word. All students, ages six to 18, are encouraged to enter. Here are the ways to enter:

  • Hand-drawn poster
  • Computer-generated poster
  • Short video

The winners of the contest will be those who best illustrate that safety belts save lives while encouraging everyone to buckle up. Last year, there were five grand prize winners based on the following five categories: ages 6-8, ages 9-11, ages 12-15, ages 16-18, and computer generated. Also, nearly 100 students won cash awards.

Want to Enter?

If you or someone you know wants to enter the Safety Belt Poster Contest, visit Geico’s contest site to learn the specific details of the contest, as well as how to enter. While the posters must be sent via snail mail to Geico’s offices, video entries may be submitted online. The deadline for all entries is Jan. 15, 2010.

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