Auto Insurance Discount: Get Pay-by-the-Mile with MileMeter

If you live in Texas, you may be able to take advantage of pay-by-the-mile auto insurance from MileMeter Auto Insurance. This company is one of several car insurance companies that offer auto insurance coverage that is paid by the number of miles driven versus other factors most companies consider.

About MileMeter

MileMeter takes a similar approach to Progressives MyRate Program in that it allows you to pay based on how you drive now rather than how you have driven in the past. But what is unique about the MileMeter program is that while it bases its rates on the number of miles you’ve driven, it doesn’t require that you install a vehicle-tracking device in your car.

Instead, the miles are purchased in advanced and tacked onto the odometer. And if the customer runs out of pre-purchased miles, they can simply purchase more as needed online.

Better than Traditional Insurance?

Some think that MileMeter insurance is better than what is offered through traditional car insurance companies because fewer factors are considered to determine the premium. Instead of having to worry about marital status, credit score, gender and more, MileMeter only looks at the zip code, driver age and vehicle type. And because the vehicle-tracking device isn’t added, customers don’t have to feel that their privacy is being compromised.

Estimates of the cost of MileMeter auto insurance is $200 – $300 annually. This means customers could benefit from savings of anywhere from 25 – 75 percent on coverage. However, if you don’t live in Texas and are looking for discounts, shopping around for coverage could work wonders.