Get Your Next Auto Insurance Policy from the Supermarket

If you’re looking to get an auto insurance policy, you may be able to pick it up while getting bread and milk at your supermarket. That’s because auto insurance companies like AAA have begun adding offices to supermarkets along the West Coast.

AAA Express Stores

In the past few months, AAA Express stores have been popping up in supermarkets in several cities. More specifically, six AAA Express stores have opened in Lucky Supermarkets in Northern California, as well as supermarkets in Nevada and Utah.

Similar to the idea of the bank mini-branch, AAA hopes to garner more business from consumers already doing their shopping.

Services Offered by AAA Express

The AAA stores of course offer auto policies, but the stores that measure from 500 square feet to 700 square feet in size with floor-to-ceiling glass panels, offer other services as well, including:

  • Road trip planning
  • Passport photos
  • AAA membership
  • DMV needs (car and license registration)

Currently, there are five locations at Lucky Supermarket locations. A sixth location is planned for opening this spring, along with plans for more locations in the near future.

There’s nothing like the convenience auto insurance companies offer when trying to get your hands on some coverage. So it’s great to hear that these stores will be serving the public. But if you can’t get out of the house and still want to explore car insurance quotes, here are some ways to find the right coverage for you.