Green Vehicles Can Drop Your Auto Insurance Rates

Many auto buyers are surprised to learn that purchasing a hybrid vehicle not only saves on gas, but also auto insurance. According to, currently 44 states – including Washington DC – offer auto insurance discounts for owning hybrid cars.

This is good news for car owners who have been looking to “go green” and turn in their gas guzzler for something more efficient. Of course, some may have taken advantage of the “Cash for Clunkers” program offered by the government earlier this year that provided up to $4,500 to those who were willing to trade in their gas-inefficient cars for ones with higher MPGs. But with hybrid cars helping to save on gas – and falling into the same price range as other cars – drivers are finding themselves more tempted than ever to take on this vehicle purchase.

The benefit of saving up to 10 percent on auto insurance can only sweeten the deal.

If you’re not sure whether this discount is available in your state, you can check with your current auto insurance company. If it is available, you can still benefit from additional discounts such as those from carrying multiple policies or being a good driver over time.

What’s also great is that most companies offer the discount on the hybrid vehicle whether you’ve purchased or are leasing. So if you’ve already been thinking about purchasing a hybrid car, see if your auto insurance company will allow you to take advantage of auto insurance discounts.