Hartford Mobile Launches New iPhone App

If you’re looking for another application to add to your iPhone, you might consider the new app from auto insurer Hartford Financial Services Group that offers a number of features for auto insurance customers. Found under the name “Hartford Mobile,” this new app provides iPhone users with quick access to emergency phone numbers, checklists and auto insurance claims reporting features.

The Benefits of the iPhone App

According to The Hartford, there are a number of great auto insurance benefits that come with this new iPhone app, including:

  • Access to an auto accident checklist.
  • The ability to collect and exchange driver and accident information, including accident photos.
  • An interactive Emergency Kit Checklist.
  • Locating an auto repair facility from The Hartford’s national network of approved shops.
  • Saving and reviewing your accident history.
  • Finding a replacement vehicle – new or used.
  • Access to national glass repair service and much more.

Whether you are a The Hartford’s auto insurance customer or not, you are able to take advantage of some of the features that the iPhone app offers. However, there’s no doubt that the company hopes to garner some new customers with this handy new feature.

If you don’t have an iPhone, this doesn’t mean you have to be left out in the cold. There are also great tips and features to help you find affordable auto insurance at Go Insurance Rates.