H.E.A.T. Offers Auto Theft Safety Tips for the Holidays

Help Eliminate Auto Thefts (H.E.A.T.) has recently released tips to help keep drivers and their vehicles safe this holiday season. As you know, in addition to threatening your personal safety, auto theft could increase your insurance premium, so it’s good to keep these tips in mind as you go about your holiday shopping this year.

  1. Park in a well-lit area: According to H.E.A.T., parking near sidewalks and walkways, instead of near dumpsters and large vans or trucks could help to increase your ability to see around your vehicle.
  2. Keep one hand free while approaching your vehicle: As you’re walking to your car, it’s good to keep one hand free and the other holding your keys so that you could more easily maneuver if you’re approached by a thief or carjacker.
  3. Consider valet service: If you’re shopping alone at night, rather than parking in a garage, consider a valet service. However, if you do, only offer the valet the ignition key and keep your registration and proof of insurance in your wallet.
  4. Place gifts in your trunk: Having gifts sit in plain view on your car seats are theft magnets. According to H.E.A.T., you should instead either place your gifts in the trunk, or throw a blanket or trash bag over them on the car seat.
  5. Stay alert: If you’re distracted by your cell phone or hunting for your keys, you could be approached by a thief or carjacker. So before you leave a store, it’s good to have your keys ready and not be on your phone.

No one looks forward to being robbed or the victim of auto theft. So as you conduct your holiday shopping this year, it’s good to take every precaution possible to ensure your safety. Here are some other great car insurance tips for you.