History of Auto Insurance Specialists

The first cars began appearing on roads during the late 19th century. Ever since, auto collisions have been a concern among drivers. Though liability could be determined in the case of a collision, that guilty driver did not necessary have the ability to cover the costs of the damage they created. This problem is what eventually led to the notion of auto insurance.

The Emergence of the Auto Insurance Specialists

The first auto insurance policy was created to protect drivers from such financial liability. Ohio History Central explains that in 1897, a man purchased the first-ever American auto insurance policy in Dayton for $1,000, which was to protect him should he harm a person or damage property with his car. Eventually, all states in the U.S. required drivers to have auto insurance and the Auto Insurance Specialists emerged in order to meet the increasing auto insurance needs of drivers.

As driving a car has become a part of the American way of life, numerous companies have developed that provide auto insurance policies to drivers. The Auto Insurance Specialists is now one of California’s largest auto insurance agencies.

AIS Today

Since their founding in 1968, AIS has evolved in many ways. The Auto Insurance Specialists have grown to serve over 400,000 customers and include insurance coverage for motorcycles, boats, homes and more.

AIS differs from auto insurance companies, however, because they also serve as an intermediary between the policy-seeking individual and the company that provides insurance. As they describe, AIS does the work for their customers by “shopping dozens of carriers, instantly finding you the best combination of price and protection, and saving you the time and hassle of comparison shopping.”

AIS is comprised of car insurance specialists who know the ins and outs of auto insurance and can find a policy that meets your needs. It may seem at first that the Auto Insurance Specialists cost more than traditional auto insurance providers because they charge a fee for finding you a policy. It is important, however, that you also consider the time and stress that AIS saves you. By eliminating time-consuming comparison shopping from the process of buying auto insurance, it is possible to purchase the policy you have been looking for quickly and with the advice of an expert.

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