How a DUI Affects Insurance Rates

DUI Insurance

You never think it’s going to happen to you. You have a few drinks with dinner, roll through a stop sign, and next thing you know you’re being pulled over for a minor offense. The officer suspects alcohol is involved and you realize you’re slightly over the legal limit.

All of the sudden you’re slapped with thousands of dollars in fines and a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) misdemeanor.

Will I Lose my Insurance After a DUI?

Your insurance rates won’t immediately change because of a DUI. If you’re locked into a year policy, you may be able to avoid having your premiums hiked up until renewal time. At that time your insurance company will probably ask you if there have been any changes in your driving record. There’s a good chance they are going to access your driving history and if the DUI has made its way onto your record, there’s no way to avoid a rate increase.

In some serious cases insurance companies may elect not renew your car insurance after a DUI conviction. Most companies won’t cancel your policy for one offense, but if you have other negatives on your record, like speeding tickets or at fault accidents, you may be considered too risky.

Ultimately, your fate will depend on which company you are insured with.

According to, if you’re with Progressive, you will not face cancellation because of a DUI, but you will have a rate increase.

State Farm Insurance, on the other hand, will re-classify those with DUIs into State Farm Fire & Casualty, a classification for high risk drivers. Essentially you’re being dropped from one policy and placed on a new one.

Insurance Loopholes

Occasionally, there are loopholes in the system.

If you can manage to have your DUI reduced in a plea bargain, or only have your license suspended for 30 days, it’s possible your insurer won’t change your rates.

How Do I Get New Insurance?

It is still possible to find affordable auto insurance with a DUI, but it’s going to take some shopping around. You can start by finding auto insurance quotes on Go Insurance Rates.

Like anyone else pursuing auto insurance, the quotes you receive are going to vary from each company. Take your time and evaluate each company’s policies. Often, it will help to speak with an actual customer service representative as well. They can help negotiate rates if you explain your situation.