How Do I Know if I’m a High-Risk Driver?

High Risk Insurance

Not all drivers are created equal. There are some days where you just hop into your vehicle, drive around and realize that everyone else on the road is a menace to society. What you need to pay attention to are the days where everyone is seems well behaved as on those days, you may be the one ruffling feathers on the freeway.

We have all encountered vehicles being navigated by jerks, people on their cell phone or doing things that should only be done in the privacy of their home. Lawmakers and concerned citizens are working aggressively to implement laws to prevent distracted driving, but until things really change we all need to share the road. Included in that mix are drivers who only qualify for high-risk auto insurance.

We are all guilty of occasionally being a sloppy driver and before you start judging your neighbors, you need to determine your high-risk behaviors. For all you know, you may be on the way of being classified as a high-risk driver by your insurance providers and may be forced to secure coverage from the Facility Association.

If any of the actions below seem like common behavior for you, chances are you may be a high-risk driver and on your way to needing to secure a high-risk auto insurance quote:

  • Gotten multiple moving violations over a short time span
  • Fiddle with your cell phone, PDA and other electronic devices instead of keeping your eyes on the road
  • Driving buzzed or drunk, regardless of whether or not you were caught by the authorities
  • Are not an experienced driver
  • Are the owner of a highly modified car
  • Tends to be overly aggressive
  • Have not been covered by auto insurance for any time period

Auto insurance premiums are determined by several factors. Your age, driving history and where you live are all part of the equation. If an insurance company is unimpressed by any of those characteristics you will end up paying significantly more or they may even deny providing you with coverage. If that is the case, you will need to explore other insurance options including finding a policy specifically designed to be a cheap high-risk auto insurance plan.