How To Insure Highly Modified / Custom Vehicles

Highly modified carsThere are car lovers, and then there are the real car lovers. They take their automobiles and modify them with all kinds of expensive, customized work and accessories that make their cars truly something out of the ordinary. Many people who customize their cars seek to add extra speed to them, and of course, make them more flashy. If you’re wondering how to insure your highly modified vehicle, you need to do so before you spend all your money on expensive aftermarket parts. Many insurers are very hesitant to provide auto insurance for heavily customized vehicles, and even more will not provide that coverage altogether.

Auto Insurers Sometimes Deny Coverage

When auto insurers deny insuring something or someone, or charge higher or lower auto insurance rates depending on personal driving records or geographic location, you can generally assume that they have some pretty good reasons for this. Teenagers, for example, are statistically proven to driver faster and get into more accidents than older drivers. In contrast, younger women tend to get in less accidents than men. When it comes to highly modified and customized vehicles, owners tend to take older cars that are worth less, and spend all their money on enhancing the car with expensive engines to make it go faster, or different body modifications that make it stand out visually. These additions don’t do anything for the value of the car in terms of resale value, so auto insurers rarely consider them. People with highly modified and customized cars tend to drive faster, too, and that means more accidents and higher auto insurance rates.Custom cars

Find the Best Auto Insurance Rates for Your Custom Car

To learn more about insuring your highly customized or modified car, be sure to speak to a qualified representative of the auto insurance industry. And be sure to have that conversation before you sink all your cash into tricking out you car – you wouldn’t want to lose it all should something bad happen to your car, and it wasn’t properly insured.

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