Insurance Information Institute: Have You Reviewed Your Auto Insurance?

The Insurance Information Institute recently announced that it’s time to review your auto insurance policy, along with other insurance policies that you own. Now thatthe New Year has come and gone – and changes may have occurred in your home and family – it’s time to make sure your auto insurance policy and other policies are up to speed with the rest of your life.

Life Changes to Consider

According to the Insurance Information Institute, every year or so it’s good to check over the situations in your life to makes sure nothing has changed that could affect yourauto insurance policy.For instance, if you have a newly licensed driver in your home, you may need to add them to your policy.

Also, you could report to your insurer if your credit rating has significantly increased. You could even considerif you’ve started school recently thatyou may be eligible for a student discount. A good way to see what items to check over is to check with your insurer to see what affects your policy then determine whether changes in your life will need to be reported to your insurer.

Checking Your Other Insurance Policies

Of course, if you’ve recently purchased a home – or have made plans to do so very recently – you’ll need homeowners insurance. If you haven’t chosen the company yet, you could work with your current auto insurer to acquire coverage. This could essentially lower the premium for your auto insurance policy.

Also, if you have life or health insurance, don’t forget to update your insurer if you’ve recently gotten married, divorced, had a baby or made other major adjustments in your life. And if you’re not happy with your rates, you could also shop for new auto insurance rates, as well as rates for other types of insurance at Go Insurance Rates.